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We offer full range of custom calibration gases, canister, cylinders, and gas-related equipment for your laboratory and safety requirements. Our gases are gravimetrically-prepared, traceable to NIST and OIML standards of reference, and analyzed in an ISO 17025-certified laboratory.


Specialty Gas Products

Custom Calibration Standards

• Hydrocarbon Gas Mixtures.

• Environmental Gas Mixtures (CEMS).

• Reactive Gas Mixtures.

• Custom Gas Blends.

• LPG and Natural Gas Standards.

• Refinery Gases.

• Liquid Mixtures (in cylinders, piston, & ampoules).


High Purity Gases

• Carrier Gases, Laser Gases, Zero Gases, and Instrument Gases.

• Gas includes but not limited to: Oxygen, Helium, Argon, Nitrogen, Acetylene, Hydrogen, CO2, and a variety of hydrocarbon gases.

• Grades include: Zero Grade and Ultra High Purity (N5.0 and above).

Gas Cylinders

• Disposable Gas Canisters: for gas volume of 34, 58, and 110/116 litres.

• Refillable Gas Cylinders: steel and aluminum high pressure cylinders with water capacity ranging from 10L to 50L.

• Customized Gas Canister Kit.


Gas Regulators

• High Pressure Regulators: Single Stage and Dual Stage type.

• Low Pressure Regulators: Fixed Flow, Multi Flow, and Demand Flow.


Specialty Gas Services

Gas Services

• Gas Detector Calibration (On-site and off-site)

• Gas Detector Sensory Services

• Gas Sampling

• Gas Canister Disposal

• Gas Line Installation


Analysis Services

• Gas Analysis

• Emission Testing

• Moisture Analysis

• Aromatic Analysis

• And other gas-related analysis


Technical Training & Consultancy

Technical Training & Consultancy

• Product Knowledge Training (Basic to Advanced)

• Gas Safety Training

• Personnel Competency Development Training

• Accreditation Training

• Gas Technical Consultancy